3 Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

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Every employee in business needs some time away from the stress and anxiety that the workplace can bring. Companies can invest a lot of time and money in team-building events and activities. The following activities are a great way to send positive vibes through the office.

Office Trivia

Trivia questions about your workplace is a fun team-building activity that allows employees to share interesting stories and questions. Trivia helps to improve engagement, and it can encourage bonding in the workplace.

The game involves compiling a list of trivia questions related to the workplace and everyone in the business. The questions need to be neutral and centred on the employee. The questions, along with the right answers, can be written on the index cards. Any employee can start asking questions.


Charades is arguably one of the most familiar games in the world. It is fun, easy, and a great ice breaker for the office. It is also a great way for new employees to connect with the rest of the team. The game can be played in small groups of 3 to 5 people.

Start by dividing the team into smaller groups. Teams select a player from one of the other groups. The office can choose any topic. If the topic is regarding film titles, then the selected player needs to explain the title to their teammates by acting. The team that guesses the title correctly wins a point.

Sell It

Sell It - 3 Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

Sell It is one of those team-building games that are perfect for marketing-oriented individuals or sales teams. Ask each team member to pick up nearby objects. Explain to each employee that they need to get an item in their hands that they need to try to sell to the other team members.

These activities may not directly contribute to saving a struggling business or company, but they can boost the morale of employees in the office. However, positive vibes in the office may lead to more productivity which could lead to higher profitability.